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11 plus tutors east london

11 Plus Tutor

We offer one-to-one 11+ tuition in your own home in London with a qualified and experienced teacher. Maximise your child's chances of gaining entry to the school of your choice with us. 

In 2020, 74% of our students passed the 11+ Exam and gained entry to the school of their choice.

We will improve your child's chances of passing the 11+ by covering all question types, and gradually building up to timed practise with exam papers.

11 plus tutors woodford

"Highly professional and truly engaging. My daughter thoroughly enjoys the sessions."

- Isabelle Roberts, 2021 

We Offer:

  • 11+ tuition for Redbridge Exam (CEM 11+ for Ilford County High School & Woodford County High School, East London);

  • 11+ tuition for Essex 11+ (CSSE/GL 11+);

  • 11+ Entrance Exam for most public and private schools.

Tuition Cost

11 plus tutors london

"We have just found out that he passed the 11+ and secured his place at Ilford County High School. The whole family is excited!"

- Mr & Mrs Shah, 2020 

One-To-One 11+ Tuition = £70/hour.

Next Steps...

Book a free consultation call to get started:

Please note - the 11+ exams are highly competitive. This means not all children will be able to pass, no matter how much tutoring they receive. For peace of mind, we will let you know after 2 or 3 classes if we feel it is unlikely your child will pass.

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