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GCSE Revision Classes

The Easter Holidays are an absolutely crucial time for GCSE students. The progress made at this time will make the difference between getting onto your chosen sixth form courses or not. Many students find managing this time productively very difficult and find themselves unsure of what to revise and how to do it.

It can also be a very important time for Year 10 students – they should have covered more than half the GCSE curriculum and any knowledge or skills gaps will have a negative effect on their final GCSE Grades.


GCSE Masterclass revision courses have been designed to cover the topics students typically struggle with and are personalised to the needs of the group.

GCSE Masterclass Easter revision courses have
been carefully designed to balance the revision of subject content with exam practise and exam techniques to ensure our students get the very highest grades possible. 

Our courses are personalised to ensure targeted revision. Before the classes begin, students will let us know the topics they are most concerned about and the exam boards they are studying. The curriculum will be designed specifically for the needs of each group.

GCSE Masterclass use a combination of methods tailored to the needs of the group:

Past GCSE Exam Papers & Marked Exemplars

Students will work through past exam papers, at first with close guidance from the teacher, then with the use of real graded papers as exemplars and by the end of the course will be working increasingly independently.

Teacher Led Sessions with Printed Revision Notes 

Teachers will use this method where students have not been taught a particular topic or have found it very difficult. All the key information is explained clearly and given to the students as a revision pack including key facts, dates, plots, character information, quotes, terminology, diagrams or formulas, dependent on
the subject.


Discussion and Planning 

Teachers lead discussions of Exam Topics and Question, allowing students to find their own answers then form them to meet exam criteria. Teachers lead students to plan or practise answering challenging questions so that they know how to structure responses to essays or approach challenging mathematical or science topics.

GCSE Easter Revision Courses: Classes List

GCSE Masterclass Easter Revision courses are 4 days’ long. Easter Courses 2021 will take place online with a maximum class size of 5.


The Easter GCSE Revision classes are timed to enable students to take up to two courses per week to maximise the number of subjects they can study with us.

Classes run from Tue 6th April and Mon 12th April from 9.30am-1.00pm or 1.30 pm to 5.00pm
Prices are £420 for the first class & £370 for subsequent classes.

TO BOOK: Please complete the form here or call us on 0208 923 0506.

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