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Our unique system

Unlike many Revision courses which teach only general skills-based exam techniques, GCSE Masterclass teaches the content specific to
each syllabus. 

We give students access to short expert videos prior to the Revision classes. This covers key information specific to the units they are studying and ensures that, before the Revision Classes even begin, students are confident in the basic knowledge they need.

This allows our expert teachers to use the revision classes to genuinely improve exam performance.

In addition, students can choose to do a full 3-4 day course or attend one-day classes on specific topics.

This flexibility ensures each student gets the support they need.

GCSE Masterclass use a combination of methods tailored to the needs of the group:

Past GCSE Exam Papers & Marked Exemplars

At first students are closely guided by the teacher, they then analyse real student exam papers and learn to work independently.

Teacher Led Sessions with Printed Revision Notes  Teachers use this method where students have not covered a particular topic or have struggled. Key information is explained clearly & given as a
revision pack.

Discussion and Planning

Allows students to form their own answers to meet exam criteria. Teachers lead students to plan & practise answering challenging questions.

Advantages of our Unique System

​As there are many exam boards with each school choosing the units they deliver, students studying the same subject could, in fact, be studying totally different material. For example, in English Literature all students have to study Shakespeare but there are a wide range of plays that schools can choose from. In History, there are many periods of history that schools can choose to cover.

Many Revision companies overlook this and focus solely on the skills that students need rather than the specific content. At GCSE Masterclass, we personalise learning to ensure that students receive the basic knowledge they need prior to joining our lessons. After a phone or email conversation, we send our students short videos or other topic-specific revision resources that they most need.

This means students have good basic knowledge before the course begins, allowing the teacher to  improve exam technique using real exam questions from each student’s exam board.

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