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Small Group GCSE Revision Classes

Small group GCSE revision classes, face-to-face or in your own home, are a great way to quickly improve your child’s grades. They have the advantage of being more affordable than 1-1 revision and helping students develop their ideas through discussions with peers.

These sessions are topic-based, with a maximum of 4 per group (or 5 for a group of friends) whilst we are teaching online. Your child can join an existing class or can form a group with friends.

We will take our time to talk to you and your child before the revision classes begin, & will look over recent examples of school work to create a Personalised Learning Plan. Your child’s teacher will then tailor the sessions to quickly improve your child’s grades whether this is teaching new topics or improving exam skills. Your child just may need a few lessons or ongoing tuition.

Whatever the issue, GCSE Masterclass can help.

Friends Group Tuition for up to 5 friends costs £120 per hour

Group Tuition costs £40 per hour per child (ave group size 2-3)

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