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Saturday Covid Catch-Up Courses

Many GCSE students now have knowledge or skills gaps caused by the lockdown which is causing huge worry & anxiety. There is also the possibility that 2021 GCSEs will be judged by mock exams and classroom performance, so it is more important than ever that GCSE students get the help they need as quickly as possible.

GCSE Masterclass have devised our Saturday Covid Catch Up sessions specifically to address this. Students will attend an Intensive Revision Workshop covering specific topics, text or skill. There is no preparation needed beforehand. The sessions will be personalised so a teacher will make contact prior to the lesson to see exactly which areas each person needs most help with.
Students will come along to be taught each topic by an expert teacher. Teachers will guide the students on how to get the most points in exam questions and there will be lots of hands-on exam practise.

Students will receive a revision book to take home and get access to key video resources containing all key information from the session.

Classes will take place from 12 noon – 4pm with a short break for snacks or lunch. Classes cost £120 per person per session. The price will be reduced to £90 if you book further classes within two weeks of the first class.


Students should bring packed lunch, hand sanitiser and a face mask which will be worn until sitting at their desk.

Our Weekend Catch Up Classes are initially focusing on the core subjects of Maths & English. Please contact us if you would like us to cover topics or texts which are not yet featured.

Covid Catch-Up Classes: Course List

Prices: £120 per student per session. £90 for further sessions booked within 2 weeks. Classes to be held at Forest School.

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